User Cabinet

You can authorize on site with:
GitHub Google Vkontakte Yandex
If you have any troubles with buying or auth:

All works as follows:

  1. You should authorize on site via Social Network
  2. Next you ned to Set up Email and Password for Apps
  3. Then press "Donate" on the App you want to help. When you press Donate button you agree with End User License Agreement and Dimlight AppLoft rules
  4. When you Authorize at the First Time, You computer will be linked to your AppLoft Application Account.
  5. You can change linked computer at any time, but not greater than 2 times at all. If you Exceeded limit, you should mail about it at Support
  6. Distributing and redistribuing of free and sponsored copies of applications is forbidden if you have not author permission.
  7. Distibuting and redistribuing of accounts is forbidden too.